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Built on the Rock Industries is Founded by God!

It began when I, Raunel Tejeda, returned to God back in April 17, 2004. While reflecting in the errors of my ways, drowning in debt, I was reading the bible, when I stumbled upon a verse that stated, “You will not borrow money, but you will loan to the nations”. The next morning, I quit the construction company I was working for.

I continued following the path of the Lord, step by step, developing into who I was to become. For even in this moment we are all still developing, until we become who God wants us to be, using people in our past to form us, without them even knowing they were his instruments.

My brothers are a great example of this in my own life, they joined me in my beliefs and together we built my church and the company into what it is today.

God is not religion is a way of living, where you show the world what you are made of: faith and work. Not an outer appearance of holiness, but from the inside out, truth! Righteousness is a transformed way of life, I’m 100% different than before, if you want to know the Lord, Ask me how!

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Built on the Rock Industries, LLC.

Specializes in commercial construction, founded in Round Rock, July 4, 2006.
We take pride in exceeding the needs of our clients!

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